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Who We Are

Mans International is a Toronto-based technology services company. We offer quality global B2B Marketing as a Service (MaaS) and Investment as a Service (IaaS) for technology companies to help you grow your business faster in North America and Asia.



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What benefits can you get from Mans International?

  • Our extensive industry channel resources in North America, Asia, especially in China, Singapore and South Korea.
  • Access to our global e-Commerce platform and approach local clients faster and cheaper.
  • Precise strategic investment-direct investment from local companies, strategic partners, and top industry investment funds.
  • First-hand interpretation of local policies, industrial layout and regulatory information.
  • Access to a special trained local talent pool.


This marketplace is an e-commerce platform operated by Mans International. We have carefully selected software and hardware products and professional services with high cost-effectiveness to reduce purchase costs and transaction costs for you. If your technology products want to utilize our business platform to expand your business and develop global markets, welcome to contact us.


Mans International has helped technology companies grow their business rapidly and solve various difficulties in the development of new markets efficiently and cost effectively through our signature services.


Mans International invites industry leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to provide timely, useful training programs to our members.

Our Case Studies


KellyOnTech is a channel dedicated to explaining the global cutting-edge technology and scientific research projects of major universities in a simple and easy-to-understand language, introducing global technology companies, so as to help you better understand technology trends and discover investment opportunities.


Blog Posts

KellyOnBooks introduces you to the article titled “Understanding Nutrition and Interpersonal Relationships from Ayurvedic Perspectives” written by Lilian Sukeda, the marketing manager of Mans International and yoga instructor. Lilian also co-wrote a Spanish ebook titled “Integrated Therapy and Oracle Knowledge Experience”.