Headhunting Services – Overseas local sales



Service scope and process

  1. Customer needs analysis

Fully understand the job responsibilities, experience, remuneration, candidate type and reporting relationship for the position, and the matching between corporate culture and management style, and provide a standard candidate profile.

  1. Looking for job candidates

After a comprehensive analysis of customer needs, we will submit a written description of job requirements, and on this basis, use our local talent pool and network to make specialized contacts with each potential candidate.

  1. Screening candidates

Analyze the information of all the candidates contacted, including the current status of the candidate’s position, the possibility of leaving, and salary expectation. Candidates who basically meet the requirements are screened out and interviews are arranged for preliminary examinations.

  1. Interviews and evaluate candidates

Conduct preliminary interviews for candidates, mainly to evaluate the candidates’ personality, ability, professional technical knowledge, work performance, strengths and weaknesses. And on this basis, write a comprehensive evaluation report of the candidates.

  1. Assist clients in interviewing candidates

Provide clients with comprehensive information about the evaluated candidates, arrange interviews between candidates and clients according to client requirements, collect feedback from clients and candidates, and assist both parties to effectively communicate on specific employment conditions.

  1. Background investigation

After the client is satisfied with the candidate, we will run reference checks of the candidate regarding the personal qualities, human characteristics, work habits and other information from the candidate’s colleagues, former supervisors, etc., and provide a comprehensive report.

  1. Consulting and follow-up services

Provide personnel consultation and assistance on resignation to recruited candidates, maintain uninterrupted contact with clients, and assist both parties in solving the difficulties and obstacles that may be encountered during the probation period, ensuring that candidates are successful in probation and achieving satisfactory results.


Prepayment $2,999 + HST 13%

The total cost is between 15%-35% of the candidate’s annual salary, and the rate is negotiable according to different positions and contracts.

When the candidate leaves within three months, we will re-search for talents for the client until the client is satisfied.


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