B2B Marketing and Channel Development


Our technology ecosystem includes more than 300 B2B technology companies, industry associations and government agencies. Our B2B marketing and overseas channel development services can provide you with:

  • One-to-many mode: save you a lot of time and cost in the early development of the market
  • Multi-channel online and offline expansion model: help you develop cross-border and cross-regional markets while building brand awareness

Maximize profits: help you obtain long-term stable corporate customer resources, including public-listed companies and government orders



  1. Market intelligence collection-Sort out local industry standards, special standards, market access policies, local inspection standards, laws and regulations
  2. Market Research-Provide a comprehensive research report, including market demand analysis, competitor analysis, potential customer profile, market entry strategy and implementation plan and budget report.
  3. Industry Exhibitions-Participate in local industry exhibitions and trade shows on your behalf, contact potential customers, agents and competitors, and showcase the company’s products and services
  4. Online Services-E-commerce website development, Google advertising, social media, and video promotion
  5. Agent channel construction-help you find and connect with local vertical channel agents, assist in negotiation and contract signing.
  6. Inspection Services-Accompany agents and potential partners to the company for on-site inspections to help you reach an agreement.


Basic service fee $6,999 + HST 13% per month, minimum 3 months

Specific service needs, prices are discussed separately.



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