CPE Wireless router



Hardware – Qualcomm 4G full Netcom industrial-grade chip, supports multi-network switching, supports local and cloud SIM cards

Standard price $106.02 per unit + HST 13%

Discounts available for large quantity orders.


The wireless router is a wireless communication product developed and designed by our company based on 4G network requirements. It has completely independent intellectual property rights. It adopts the Mini-PCIE interface that is widely used in the industry to meet the stable and safe Internet needs of homes and offices. It can also be applied to the IoT industry providing users with wireless long-distance data monitoring, collection and transmission functions.

Industrial-grade design, low power consumption, long-distance transmission, flexible networking


Support 4G network access, no wiring required, internet access anytime, anywhere;
Support the multiple operators, free choice of discount;
Support multiple access methods such as wired access, local card, remote card adjustment and KI download;
Remote management, background monitoring, reduce labor maintenance costs;
4G up to 150M high-speed Internet, which is 1.5 times faster than 100M fiber


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