Preventive health care and a balanced lifestyle keep us healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preventive health care and a balanced lifestyle keep us healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic_Mans International

The usual measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic include: wearing a mask, using alcohol gel disinfectant on your hands, staying at home, maintaining social distance, and avoiding crowds as much as possible. In addition to these defensive measures, each of us actually has our own immune system. Is there any way we can strengthen our immune system naturally in a few days (children) or weeks (adults)?

The answer is yes. We can strengthen our immune system through preventive healthcare, so as to face the coronavirus pandemic in a healthier way and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its variants.

Let me provide you with some tips and suggestions on healthy lifestyles, healthy eating habits, natural remedies and yoga. I hope to use these simple and practical information to help everyone improve their health and reduce the work pressure of the frontline medical workers.

  1. The effectiveness of our immune system is closely dependent on the quality of our intestinal flora and, therefore, the quality of the food we eat. Raw, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables are the best way to quickly build up the mineral reserves needed to boost immunity. Poor eating habits such as eating a large number of foods processed with chemical ingredients and refined foods, are the primary cause of undermining our body’s immune defense capabilities. Let’s start with a healthy diet, as Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.”
  2. I recommend intermittent fasting under the guidance and company of an intermittent fasting dietitian or an Ayurvedic doctor. Eating a diet based on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic monolithic diet can strengthen the immune system in just 3 days.
  3. Proper breathing and breathing exercises can reduce the production of high levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that regulates stress levels.
  4. I also recommend taking a cold shower from time to time, or swimming in the sea, which will increase the level of T lymphocytes.
  5. Phytotherapy (under the guidance and accompaniment of Chinese medicine practitioners and naturopaths) and the use of plant E agents (such as echinacea, geranium, sage and other tinctures) can enhance the immune defense ability within a few weeks.
  6. Let us also not forget the efficacy of antiviral essential oils (such as tea tree) and the overall benefits of aromatherapy to strengthen the immune systems
  7. Vitamin supplements and natural supplement products (under the guidance of a doctor) are also important, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, minerals (such as zinc, selenium, magnesium), natural supplements (such as chlorella, elderberry, omega 3) , Spirulina, turmeric), oregano, etc.
  8. I also recommend propolis tincture. Propolis is one of the most important ingredients in bee products. It contains important vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, as well as useful minerals such as magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), and potassium (K). ), sodium (Na), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn) and iron (Fe).
  9. Try to enjoy a little sunshine in the afternoon, it is free and has great benefits!
  10. Let’s also don’t forget that sports can activate our hormones of happiness. Taking exercise, walking or jogging, is of great help in improving physical and mental health.
  11. I suggest you practice yoga. Daily practice of yoga is a good choice, can better cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and help strengthen the immune system. Usually, our immune system is weakened due to respiratory diseases such as colds and flu.
  12. Yoga poses help stimulate internal organs to accelerate their functions. Especially the digestive system and respiratory system are the two main areas of the human body. We can concentrate on practicing yoga to improve immunity.
  13. Meditate a little every day to calm your mind and body and reduce anxiety waves.
  14. Using the power of mantras, chanting some mantras helps to actively improve your energy and environmental energy. The sound of the spell is vibrating and will eventually reactivate good energy and bring balance.
  15. The most important thing now is the quality of our thinking and the connection between body and mind. Let us develop good and positive thinking and avoid talking about the ills in life.
  16. Please pay attention to the quality of the content you read and watch. Try to watch and read positive things, these things can give you a good feeling.
  17. Let’s talk about the power of love and the importance of being with relatives (Please avoid crowds. Let’s avoid social activities, stay at home and enjoy getting along with our closest ones). Extreme loneliness, fear and distrust has an immunosuppressive effect and can cause illness, weakness, anxiety and pain.
  18. Spend more time immersing in nature, because nature can provide us with instant happiness. Walking in the park, in the woods or on the beach can make our body and soul full of vitality.

In addition to wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and avoiding crowds, we can also take the preventive health measures mentioned above and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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