Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024 KellyOnTech

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024 KellyOnTech

Happy Chinese New Year! 2024, the Year of the Dragon, is here. The dragon symbolizes power, soaring and wisdom in Chinese culture.

Dragon head made of shrimp KellyOnTech
Dragon head made of shrimp

Although many companies were out of the game in 2023, I have witnessed the chip company that has kept moving forward for 20 years, with cumulative chip shipments exceeding 1 billion pieces.

When profits in the domestic market are measured in cents, some companies have turned to the international market, and their international business accounts for more than 70% of their total revenue, and it continues to grow.

The United States has imposed additional tariffs, making it difficult for export companies to survive. However, some companies have boldly set up factories overseas and received financial and tax support from local governments. Although the factories have not yet been put into production, orders have already poured in.

Whether to ride the wave or remain stagnant, the choice is in our own hands. Bless us, everything will be updated in 2024 and get better and better!

Dragon made of oranges KellyOnTech
Dragon made of oranges.

In 2024, I’ve invited a seasoned team of business experts with over 20 years of experience in international marketing and local channel development. They have overseen 70+ projects and managed a cumulative revenue scale exceeding $10 billion. We will help technology companies drive seamless growth across different markets.

Finally, I would like to present the video of the Year of the Dragon created by Professor Shen Yang and his team at Tsinghua University with the assistance of AI. ( Video from 1’30”)

Wishing you a happy and prosperous year of the Dragon!





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