Investment as a Service

Headquartered in Toronto, Mans International has built deep and vibrant networks in relevant start-up fields in North America and Asia. We are interested in entrepreneurial projects in the fields of smart manufacturing and healthcare that meet the following investment criteria:

  • Have at least two co-founders
  • Have products or services ready to be commercialized
  • Continuous customer growth for 6 consecutive months and gaining an income for 6 consecutive months
  • Completed any accelerator or incubator program for more than 6 months.
  • The funds can support the project for 18 months after financing.
  • Interested in growing businesses and registering a company in China.
  • Accepting M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) as one of the exit methods.


  • Facilitating the process from 1 to 10, going from tested ideas to scalable company – what to do and how to do it.
  • Access to funding resources from multiple channels in North America, UK, Singapore, and China.
  • Obtain potential industrial or corporate clients who are interested in the products in our global ecosystem.
  • Acquire global multi-channel market opportunities.
  • Access to Local government grants or funding.

Unicorn Battles

Mans International is pleased to support the Unicorn Battles, the Largest Global Pitch Events in 2020 organized by Startup.Network.

More than 220 Unicorn Battles have been organized in 50 major cities of 35 countries in the world including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Australia, and the USA. Winners of the battles have raised more than 120 million US dollars.

Unicorn Cup Final 2022 Official Judges

Mans International Soft Landing Program

If your company is looking to expand in China, Mans International can help. Perhaps you are not sure how to start, or lack of funding to set up a local office, or lack of manpower to market your product. By working with Mans International, you can secure office space, get access to member enterprises and investors, and receive talent acquisition support.

The demand for soft landings is continually growing in China and Mans International has launched a dedicated soft landing program, open exclusively to our clients.

Location & facilities

Located in China’s Silicon Valley, Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park, we have an area of about 1,000 square meters with 150 work stations, and 4 to 10 independent offices, and different sizes of meeting rooms. The amenity offers free WIFI, kitchen facilities, leisure terrace, coffee shop and all that professional firms expect.


  • Access to 200 + fellow startups and multiple venture capital funds.
  • Government policy guidance – settled companies can obtain professional and accurate guidance of government policies, helping companies grow healthy and faster.
  • Exclusive events – organize regular gatherings with industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs to share their experience and expand business networks.
  • Pitch day – select high-quality projects for road shows and build a highly efficient platform for investors, customers, partners, and high-tech companies.

Global IoT Operator

By 2023, the global IOT market will reach $1.4 trillion with 50+ million IOT devices and 45 million wearables according to GSMA Intelligence.

IoT Market Challenges

Lack of end to end solution: From communication module to SM-DP/+, platform certificate to operator network, all links must be solved. Now most players flock to the application layer, but few platform integrators.

How to integrate a global network: To reach global coverage and instant switch, it requires at least 10 major IMSIs for local & roaming. SBO license, local gateway and core network are the keys.

How to manage inter-platform cases: Using integrated cloud platform, local hubs deployment, 24/7 tech and customer service support to guarantee service, efficiency and security, and to offer tailored vertical solutions.

How to collect big data: How to collect useful big data based on industrial and consumer needs, and provide cost-effective tailored DPI & traffic solutions via core network to make sure network quality.

  • Own core network, real-time management platform, exclusive IDC and IP resources
  • Global network – Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, US, Spain, and Austria.
  • Each SIM features multiple IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identities) – one for each country in the zone.
  • Within the zone, subscribers don’t roam and don’t need to turn on data roaming – they are local.


✓ Core network elements

✓ Cloud management Platform

✓ Dedicated IDC & IP

✓ Real-time customer status tracking

✓ Real-time customer reboot

✓ Flexible tailored solution

✓ Real-time troubleshooting

✓ Flexible FUP/content group manage

✓ URL cache & redirection

✓ Customer big data collection

✓ Real-time location detection

✓ Flexible risk management policy

✓ Real-time risk detection & block

✓ Regional node local data access compliance

✓ Regional node local data storage compliance

Mechanical fault detection

Fault Detection Market Challenges

Mechanical fault diagnosis and prediction is a multi-disciplinary and complex technology. There are few technologies and products that can be maturely applied internationally and recognized by industry experts and users, especially in fault prediction.

Most of the products on the market do not have automatic diagnosis functions currently. They can only provide information for expert diagnosis when a fault occurs. For the products with automatic diagnosis function, because the preliminary work such as debugging is not set up, many of the automatic diagnosis functions are not used properly, and these products do not have the function of predicting failure in advance. So far no brand has achieved continuous performance.

Competitive Advantages

  • Two patents regarding three-stage deceleration system and modular structure
  • Mechanical electrical modularization, separable installation
  • AC (servo) permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Constant torque, adjustable speed ratio (1: 3000)
  • Incremental encoder
  • Three closed-loop vector control
  • Industry 4.0 Life Cycle Management System and Information Physics Fusion System